Rainboots. Red.

What do you really need in Seattle, in the winter?

A coat? A warm hat? A favourite coffee shop? (No, really.)

For me, arriving from Oz with my family in Jan  for our Big Adventure, it was boots. Boots with a thick, rubber sole for walking on slippy, icy streets during the Snowpocalypse.

And as my woefully inadequate footwear made walking around in the snow slippery and slightly treacherous, I poured myself another coffee and ordered some doc martens online. I knew my size and I knew they were good. That they were available in shiny bright red was a delightful bonus.

Traipsing through downtown Seattle became a breeze! I was housebound no longer. Space needle? Sure. Corner of Pike and Pine? No problem!

Now you might think that this all this icy snow talk was just a big excuse to get a pair of shiny boots, but this is my story and I’m sticking to it.

And since I’m wearing them practically everyday in my new city, it’s given me a starting point for the blog.  Lovely.


8 thoughts on “Rainboots. Red.

  1. Yay! Good on you Mai! Now I can keep in touch with you better seeing I have a love hate relationship with Facebook:) besides I look forward to reading your great posts:) glad you succumbed to the pressure to set up a blog 🙂

  2. Wow!
    I thought you are still very busy just settling down in Seattle.
    It is a beautiful place isn’t it? Please wait for us to come to see you…
    Joshua might go to US in July with his baseball!!


    • Wow! That is amazing news about Josh! You must be so proud! I would *love* it if you came and saw us!! We have been busy, but we are starting to get into a normal routine now. The blog is a nice way to keep in touch and it’s fun!

  3. hi its jason from the market your mum mailed your blog. Truly delightful to read and very exciting to share in someones adventures. The Docs have come a long way from 30eyed up to the knee with yellow stitching making the wearer look extremely anti social, yours look fun did you buy them from their web site or another i know indra would adore something similar. Any how, great to hear your adventures and that you are settled. Kind regards Jason and co.
    sbs played your fav movie the one about the boy and the fish. Mina was wrapped and recount her memory of our little family get together at your mums.

    • Hi Jason, thank you for reading, I’m glad you liked it! I’m planning to keep it updated with all our adventures…I bought the boots on Amazon, they come in red, green, or yellow, and they are so comfy and perfect for traipsing around in the rain! I’m glad Mina enjoyed Ponyo again, that was lovely! Thanks and warm regards. 🙂

  4. Hi Mai! Fantastic idea and lovely to get such an interesting tour of Seattle… was there so many years ago, loved the place… great to see you are all liking the place and settling in to American life without any major hitches.. look forward to reading where those galoshes take ya next : )

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