Home Sweet Home

So you know that we’ve moved to Seattle, and that I’ve been getting to know our local area. But I haven’t yet talked about where we actually live, so I thought I would do that.

Welcome to Lake Union, just north of downtown Seattle.  Gasworks Park in Wallingford is at its North, South Lake Union – home of Amazon – to the South, Eastlake and Capitol Hill to the East and us at its West.

(Aside: The shape of Lake Union and its bays is undeniable to me. Have a look at the map and tell me if you think it resembles anything.)

Our place was listed by the realtor as Queen Anne, but I’ve since been reliably informed it’s more like Westlake, or West Lake Union. We live in a comfy three bedroom house with what I like to call “water glimpses”. More tantalising than a complete view, you understand.

Down behind that white van you can see, there’s stairs leading down to the lake. The trail around the lake is popular with joggers and cyclists and other energetic types, but in terms of shops the area is mostly Marinas and boat shops. (It is sadly lacking in a good French cafe/patisserie. I’m just saying.) It is, however, fabulous for riding and scooting, which we tested out last weekend. The bike trail goes all around Lake Union, but we like to follow our edge around to South Lake Union Park, which is  a new and lovely outdoor riding/running/playing area with a water feature and a great view. You can watch sea planes take off and land there, which is fun too.

This is kind of a hopeless picture that I lifted from somewhere, but you get the idea (although I think perhaps the colour may have been punched up a bit!) I’ll take a better one to show you.

It’s is about a 20 minute scoot from our house, so usually requires some kind of hot drink stop-off to revive us. If only there was some kind of ubiquitous coffee shop chain to stop at along the way. Hmm.

So that’s our backyard! Welcome, and more soon!


4 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. This is great blog, Mai! It’s hard to believe this is your first blog, and I was very impressed you still find time to make an effort to report your new life in Seattle minding two children at the same time. We’ll look forward to more posts!

    • It is nice! Sometimes you see a yacht or even a water plane. It’s a great view. Or ‘viewlet’!

      Hah, caught me out! But I haven’t yet started spelling American yet. And I have to think *so* hard when I write the date, it’s funny! 🙂

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