Places to drink…coffee

Now I know that not everyone drinks coffee or even likes it. So I guess this post comes under the category of ‘It’s my blog and i’ll post what I want to’? It was inevitable, really. Well, never fear – I also address croissants, hot chocolate, and ambience.

There are lots of coffee shops in Seattle. The following are some of the ones that hit the spot for us, not only for the coffee.

1. Boulangerie Nantaise, 2507 4th Ave

As I mentioned, this was one of the first we went to, as it was located at the ground floor of our building. It is small, warm and cosy, and as you probably gather, has a French look and feel. They sell all kinds of breads and rolls there as well as croissants and cakes. Plus they have delicious sandwiches and French onion soup. (I basically wanted to just dunk my whole face in.)

In the first few weeks of our stay in Seattle, it was often grey and cold and/or snowy out. This place was a warm little refuge for us, and on a couple of days (before I had footwear that actually allowed me to step safely on icy footpaths) taking the lift down and having a hot chocolate was our outing for the day. It was pretty tough, as you can imagine.

2. Repast, 1418 31st Ave S

One Saturday morning after visiting a language school for Joy in Mt. Baker, Chris said: “What I’d really like to find is a nice coffee shop or patisserie, where we can get some yummy hot chocolate and coffee, and some kind of croissant.” We literally stepped off the bus and walked into Repast. (We really ought to get him to try that again for something else.)

The coffee here is Amazing. Seriously close to Melbourne coffee, which as we all know, is vastly superior to Sydney coffee.

But, also, as we were sipping away and devouring croissants (one almond, one chocolate) we were all a-flutter to notice that one of the women working there was kneading and shaping the dough for the croissants to be baked in store. Nice. Repast is a tiny piece of cafe heaven, hidden on a pretty suburban street.

3. Java Jahn’s, 1428 NW Leary way

Evan’s been going to Gymboree for about a month now (it’s very similar to Gymbaroo in Oz, but with more school skills/crafty classes.) He stays for 2 hours and does all kinds of physical, musical, and art activities, while I go and shop/drink coffee. He absolutely loves it and it seems to be a successful first childcare experience for us.

Anyway. For the first couple of sessions I didn’t know where to go and hang out while Evan was playing. That is, until I found Java Jahn, which sidles up alongside paint and automotive shops in a fairly boring industrial area. This is the cutest, most friendly, and unassuming coffee shop I’ve been to here. The ladies there are always welcoming and friendly, they seem to know all the regulars by name and order, and the coffee is awesome. And since they also have free wi-fi, I can bring the iPad and read, chat, and generally waste time as I see fit. It is wonderful.

4.Uptown Espresso, 2504 4th Ave

Uptown Espresso, like Boulangerie Nantaise, is on my list for sentimental reasons. It is a chain, open early in the morning and fairly late in the evening. It is basically a big long room, with mismatched chairs and tables, and casual baristas, just hanging out until you go over and order. The ambience is nothing special, and I never ended up trying the cookies or snacks. But it’s easy to feel comfortable there. You can drink and chat and even play with your kids and it’s no big deal. The coffee is fine.

One evening the kids and I met Chris there, and while we were waiting, I saw two young women at a small table for two. One was reading a textbook, the other was sleeping, her head on her arms on the table. After a while, her mobile buzzed and she woke up, stretched, and then started reading. It’s so comfy at UE, you can even snooze there.

5. Cherry Street Coffee House, 103 Cherry St

At Cherry Street Coffee House (also a chain) you get big mugs of coffee. Real mugs, with nice round handles to hold. In a space where paper cups rule, this to me is pretty awesome. The staff is friendly and the coffee is good. It has an interesting, shabby chic decor, they play old fashioned music, and there’s a little section of wall for you to pin fliers for your friend’s/brother’s/teacher’s play/gig/exhibition. We were there on a Sunday morning when it was quiet, and in the more boring part of downtown, it was a pleasant and funky stop off.

So there you have it! The short list for just right now. I’m pretty dedicated, so I’ll…keep researching. *wink*


8 thoughts on “Places to drink…coffee

  1. I am glad you did the research Mai, it is very important that the coffee is as good as Melbourne coffee. It is a horribly wet, windy day in Melbourne today, but I still have to walk to Cafe Perte to have my fix…

    • Yes, we are scoping out acceptable coffee houses for your visit! I’m not sure anything is as good as Melb coffee, but we’ll do our best 😉 Hope all is well at Perte! We miss you and good old Church st.

  2. well, I won’t argue with you about who has superior coffee as I’m not a coffee connoisseur (sp?) :)but you made all these coffee shops look SO appealing! so, is Joy continuing with Japanese?

    • Ha I’m glad I’m making them look good. Probably they just look more interesting because they’re far away! Yes, we are signing her up for a weekend class…not till her Summer holidays though, and then if it’s all going well she’ll continue throughout the next school year. x

  3. I’m not a coffee drinker but your blog makes it all sound so appealing, it’s great that you are getting to know Seattle better and what better way than hot drinks and pastries?

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