photo blog: Spring down to the bus stop

Let’s be serious: not everything in any city – even a pretty one – can look nice all the time. Seattle has sketchy parts and dirty parts. It’s resolutely grey and gloomy when it wants to be.

But today was so lovely that, even on a mundane walk down to meet the school bus, everything looked absolutely beautiful. I  grabbed the camera on the way out (mostly to take photos of kidlets for Mum) and snapped a few random pics. It was a clear, golden, sunny day. Breezy, but not too cold. I’m kind of amazed at how clear and gorgeous all these little things looked.

But first: Evan! Looking intrepid in his new dinosaur jacket as we set out. It’s actually a rain jacket, but I put it on him b/c the breeze was cool. As it turned out, I ended up carrying it home.

This is the street we walk down to get to the bus stop: Dexter Ave N. As you can see, it’s nothing special. That’s the city you can see, it’s about a 10 min bus ride.

Dexter is on a hill, so you get a few windows of view as you walk down. This is part of Lake Union and the buildings on the other side.

And this is similar, but coming home:

Now we get to the colourful bit. These red bushes are everywhere, and they’re vibrant. I love them with the blue sky (Actually, anything with a blue sky works well for me!)

There goes Evan down the footpath. Another of those red bushes, peeping out. And all the green is nice too.

Now, any gardeners reading can tell me what these awesome trees are. I just call them “awesome trees on the way home.”

And finally, because I couldn’t help myself, beautiful spring flowers in the gardens along the way.

And this rosemary is from the hedge outside our house. Lucky us!

I didn’t get a pic today of the iconic yellow school bus, but I’ll try and snap one soon, as it is so cute.

Hope you enjoyed our walk! It certainly lifted my spirits.


14 thoughts on “photo blog: Spring down to the bus stop

  1. I love these photos, they capture the sights so well. My favourites are the city behind Dexter Ave, and Little Man walking along the footpath in his rain jacket.

  2. Look like Spring has sprung where you are and leaves are falling away here:( But I love all the pics and the Little Man looks so cute while the Young Lady is as pretty as ever! Bless you for showing us!

  3. My heart melts when I read your blog and see the beautiful pictures Mai – and ofcourse see my little mate wandering up the street.

  4. Ok, I just saw some on fb and commented on the jacket one there lol. Those spring flowers and leaves are AMAZING! I guess that’s one of the benefits of living in a different climate:) grat photos and I enjoyed the walk with you:)

    • Heh I just saw! That’s Evan’s new dinosaur jacket, he’s very into it. It is beautiful at the moment, and those colors are very mood lifting! Hope you had a lovely weekend! Xo

  5. hey mai, feel I’m getting to explore Seattle there with you – was there years back and loved the place…. but these little stories are fab and the picks fantastic ….. nice you are taking the time to soak it all in
    rain rain here in London, april power showers …
    don’t stop posting… ; )

    • Hey Bridget! I’m glad you’re liking it! It Can definitely be a really beautiful city. Wish I could come visit you in London too though! I’ll have to work on that. 🙂 My parents will be there in August to see my brother. Will post again soon. Stay dry! Xoxo

  6. Hi Mai. I absolutely love the pictures, Seattle looks like a very pretty city! Evan looks so cute in his new raincoat, how fancy is that! I miss you guys so much, can’t wait to see you again. You must show me the beautiful scenery when we come up. Much love, Lucy.

    • Hi Lucy! So glad you liked the pics. It is definitely a beautiful place, and especially when it’s sunny. Evan thinks he is a dinosaur when he wears his new jacket. We miss you too and can’t wait for you to visit! We’re ready when you are! Thank you for reading! Xoxo

  7. Hi Mai … Love the Blog. Only just learned how to reply ! Lovely trees – Silver Birch I think and definetely Magnolia … Love to hear from you soon. Amy.x.

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