Fun, fun, fun

For all the important ‘settling in’ we’ve been doing in the last few months,  I recently realised we also needed to make an effort to do more fun things, or we would get lost in our routine and forget to actually enjoy ourselves. (I know a fair bit about this, actually. ;))

For the first time since I joined Facebook,  it actually stepped in with a useful ad: Snow Patrol. Seattle. With Ed Sheeran. Sound of me squealing and then nothing but furious keyboard taps as I buy tickets faster than any human has ever paid for anything online ever.

The show was last Tuesday and – as you may know from my giddy FB rantings – it was AMAZING. I was enchanted, impressed, besotted. I wish I could find a time machine so I could go back and stay for a while. 🙂

It took a tiny bit of organising. First, the babysitter (thankfully she was available, since I had already bought the tickets. Hmm.) And I had to skip a Spanish class, since it was on a Tuesday night – cut to me attempting to write my teacher a coherent email in Spanish explaining why I couldn’t be there. Luckily she is very understanding. And it made good conversation for our next class!

We hopped on the bus and headed to the venue. The Paramount Theatre is in the city, so it’s easy to get to. It was built by Paramount Pictures and opened in the 1920s. The outside is nothing special, but the interior is ornate and beautiful. Every so often I would remember to look up at the ceiling and I’d be transfixed for a while. Look:

The whole night was so completely easy and stress-free, from finding out about it and buying the tickets to strolling up and going in, I felt like we’d been somehow blessed by some magical Night Out fairy!  Definitely working the magic there.

And I was so inspired by this complete triumph in live music watching, that I bought tickets for Bombay Bicycle Club in October!  I’ll be keeping you updated on that one!