Art Gallery

Joy did a week of day camp at an art school nearby. It seemed to go well, both for art-making and friend-making. She completed a variety of different projects using various mediums and tools, and each day they worked on something new. She also has a drawing book in which they practised their technique and made sketches before doing the final version

She brought home a big bag full of her projects today, and they look amazing.

Evan has also been experimenting with drawing and even a little writing at home, and I included some of his art too.


The newly installed wall of art

Acrylic paints

Eagle, pen and paint. I think this one is outstanding!

Flowers, crayon and collage

Neon paints, fireworks themed for the 4th July

Chalk and tape

Clay fish

Clay strawberry bowl


Spider under rainbow

The artist explains his vision

Train (and haircut!)


A feat of engineering. Evan’s own invention.


23 thoughts on “Art Gallery

  1. They are all amazing! they made a beautiful gallery. Seattle! here we come…International Artists on the go! šŸ˜€

  2. Ahhh… I think someone has taken after Grandma Thai!! Well done Joy!!!! And we love Evans work too, especially the cat! xxx

  3. Wow… I’m very impressed with your beautiful colors Joy. Loved your Art work too Evan. I’ll bet grandma can’t wait to see your artwork in Seattle.

  4. Hi Joy, Looks like you have had so much fun at Art Camp! I really love your pictures of the Eagle and the Flowers!! I see Evan has been busy too – Well done Evan!!! I am so happy to see that you’re both having so much fun in Seattle. Lots of Love Nanna Lucy xoxoxo

  5. oh wow, they are truly amazing Mai! Joy and Evan both have natural talent I think, if not I’ll have to enrol Rebekah in art school lol! our efforts are so pitiful šŸ™‚ I really enjoyed looking at these! great work!

    • Thank you Rosemary, you are very kind. I was so impressed too, but I’m their Mum! šŸ˜€ Joy loved the art class, she is going back for another week before we go back to school. I have no idea how much is natural and how much is taught, but she loved it and I love seeing her work, ao that’s perfect! šŸ™‚

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  7. Love Joy’s pictures, she has lots of talent; must take after grandma Thai? The painting of eagle is so mature you wouldn’t think a seven year old kid could do it.

    Love, Kieu and Claude

  8. From Judy Brydges in Canada: (My goodness Joy certainly seems talented like her Grandma – what wonderful artwork she has created – I’m sure that is not the norm for her age and shows great talent!!)

  9. Love it. I had to get an art teacher for my boy because I can’t come up with activities like these! Thank you for the follow on my food blog, My Holistic Table. I haven’t been able to do much with it, for the homeschooling and the Holistic Journey my readers have made amazing to write on. I hope the How To Eat page there is useful. Blessings.

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