Monday Morning

8:30 mon morning: I’m sitting in a cafe in Wallingford having just dropped Evan at preschool. It’s his first preschool experience, aside from Gymboree, and drop off went pretty well. I’d been prepping him forever for basically the whole Summmer holidays – from talking about it with him, to organising an extra class visit, finishing off certain, ahem, ‘training’ points, buying new ‘prechool’ clothes (hello, Old Navy elastic waist pants) and even getting Joy to roleplay drop off with us (Joy quite enjoyed playing the part of the teacher as you might imagine.)

It was a lot of preparation, and it seemed to be helpful. But I realize that it was as much for my benefit as it was for his (if not more). If I hadn’t prepared ‘Evan’ in that way, I myself wouldn’t have felt as confident walking him in there this morning, and then he probably wouldn’t have either. So – lucky I’m such a preparation freak then, yes?

So I find myself in Tully’s with a coffee, my iPod and a book (and the iPad of course.) I barely recognize myself! Of course I’m looking at my phone every ten seconds and there’s a Spiderman water bottle sticking out the top of my bag, but aside from that I paint a pretty relaxed figure! Preschool? Pshhaw, no probs.

I haven’t posted in weeks, so I’ll be doing a mini Summer recap soon, including our recent rodeo experience!

In the meantime, for a peek into my parents’ visit and an audio-visual feast, visit my Mum’s blog laroseedespetiteschoses. Not only does it have a fancy French name, but also videos Mum made of all the stuff we did with them. Trust me, it’s awesome.


8 thoughts on “Monday Morning

  1. Relaxed??? Three hours is such a long wait, but you may get told off if you pick him up to early as I have experienced with my little girl years ago “..why do you picked me up too early?..” 🙂

  2. 😀 haha! Well, he smiled when he saw me, but then he kept right on playing, so i think he was pretty happy. It went pretty quickly actually. And I really don’t mind the time to myself!

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