The story of Halloween

Once upon a time there was a family who moved across the world to a strange new land with strange new holidays. It was fun and exciting. The best one was coming up, and it wasn’t even an actual holiday, just a day of dressing up and stuffing your face with lollies. Just thinking about it made the kids insane with anticipation.

Costumes were chosen. Pumpkins were carved. The day was fast approaching. The mother got a cold and a vaguely scary croaky Halloween-esque voice to go with it. And then – the night before Halloween – the little girl woke up with a fever and a bad cough. Sad faces all round.

Luckily, the parents were unstoppable and in one daring yet smoothly-executed swoop, they broke the bad news (No trick or treating. In the rain, hmm) and presented the alternative of dressing up and treasure hunting for lollies in the house. Yay! In amongst the candy and fever reducing medicine, we even had some friends drop by for candy exchange and mutual costume appreciation.

And Halloween was saved. And there are awesome pictures to prove it. 🙂